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Websites Sep 2011

Thanks Zac for all you have done to make sure this project was a success.  As always, your implementation of the concept provided was flawless – exactly as I had envisioned.  Even more, it’s the effort you made to suggest tips and tricks to make the site even better – the value added – which is always so welcome and appreciated.  Thanks again…

Paul Edwards :: Ottawa Fusion

When Paul, a very talented graphic designer, approached us with a complex completed design, we were thrilled at the chance to create a dynamic WordPress-driven site that exceeded Paul’s expectations. The site has several key features which allow it to run with minimal maintenance despite its complex nature. Users of the site can upload image galleries, videos and stories and these automatically integrate into the site once approved by the site administrator. Similarly, an intuitive event calendar was setup to be managed by another site admin, thereby sharing the maintenance of the site. As with all our sites, the password-protected admin area allows Paul to update all elements of the site in-house with no need for costly web design upkeep. All in all, an excellent project – we can’t wait to do it again!

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